Crowns: Perfect Restorations For Damaged Teeth at Lifetime Dental Of San Bernardino

A dental crown (also known as a cap) is a restorative treatment for damaged teeth and is used to restore the lost structure. Crowns are manufactured using a variety of materials ranging from metal to porcelain.

Crowns are used as protective shields for teeth that have undergone root canal treatment or have received dental implants. They are also used to securely attach both ends of a dental bridge. Bridges are used as replacement for multiple missing teeth. Crowns and bridges are made to look and function like normal teeth in terms of color, texture and shape.

If cared for properly, these appliances can last a lifetime, and only need to be replaced if they become loose or fall out. One needs to practice good oral hygiene such as regular brushing, flossing and visiting their dentist bi-annually for oral exams and cleanings.

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