Emergency Dentist

Lifetime Dental offers dental emergency services at their San Bernardino office for times when your dental problems need immediate care.

Lifetime Dental welcomes the following:

  • Same-day dental appointments
  • Last minute appointments
  • Next-day dental appointments
  • New dental patient walk-ins
  • Dental emergency walk-ins

Common Dental Emergencies

  • Broken Tooth

    A tooth may break due to trauma, or a large number of fillings, which cause the tooth to weaken and break.

  • Acute Pulpitis Resulting in a Severe Toothache

    This condition refers to inflammation of the pulp of the tooth due to trauma or decay. Acute pulpitis needs immediate dental care to get rid of pain if there is change in air temperature.

  • Tooth Abscess

    This refers to an infection in the tooth root. In addition to pain, symptoms of a tooth abscess include swelling in the face and gum line, and a loose tooth in some cases. Although medication can be used to reduce pain temporarilyā€¯, dental care is necessary.

  • Gum Abscess

    This type of abscess is caused by food caught between the gum and tooth, causing a gum infection. It may cause the gums to bleed and swell up.

Suffering from Toothache and Need Immediate Dental Treatment?

Call Lifetime Dental in San Bernardino for an emergency dentistry appointment at (909) 890-1206. Our experts will take care of your dental problems.

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