Fluoride Decay Prevention

The positive effects of fluoride on dental health were noticed by scientists a number of years ago, when they discovered that children growing up inregions with naturally fluoridated drinking water got fewer cavities than those kids who grew up in areas where fluoridated water was not available.

Fluoride gets absorbed by the body while the teeth are still forming i.e. during pregnancy to early childhood. It gets integrated into the enamel structure of the teeth to make them stronger.

After the teeth have erupted, fluoride administered through external agents such as drinking water, your toothpaste, and mouthwash or in the treatment given by your dentist has a positive effect on your teeth. It reduces the chance of tooth decay and provides strength to the enamel.

If you and your children live in an area where fluoridated drinking water is not available, consult your dentist about fluoride tablets for your children.

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