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General dentistry deals with oral health care and prevention and treatment of dental problems. It is dentist’s primary responsibility to educate patients regarding the best oral health practices and use preventive care to maintain their smiles. At Lifetime Dental, we happily take up this responsibility and help you in the diagnosis of conditions that affect your teeth, gums, jaws and mouth, and devise an effective treatment plan accordingly.

The focus of general dentistry is to provide generalized dental care to patients. Your general dentist may refer you to a dental specialist for treatment or care, wherever needed. Most general dentists are capable of providing cleanings, extractions, restorations, oral examinations, root canals, and tooth prosthetics.

General dentistry is best used for preventive care rather than corrective treatment. With regular visits to your general dentist, at least twice a year, for dental exams and professional cleanings, you can avoid infections and curb dental diseases at an early stage.

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