Multiple Teeth Replacement Procedures: Giving You A Confident Smile

Traditionally, removable dentures or bridges are used to replace the oral dysfunction cause by multiple missing teeth. Dentures are known to cause pain and discomfort and deterioration of the jaw bone. They are also prone to slipping while eating and speaking. Advances in implant dentistry have offered safer, more permanent and more comfortable solutions to such patients in the form of dental implants supported by a permanent bridge.

Benefits of Multiple Teeth Replacement with Dental Implants

  • Permanent dental solution that can last a lifetime
  • Do not require adhesive, removal, cleaning and soaking
  • Makes it easy to talk, chew and eat
  • Fuses to living bone for that real-tooth feel and function
  • Supports partial or full dentures
  • Replaces teeth without sacrificing adjacent teeth
  • Helps prevent bone loss and gum recession
  • Fills out facial regions left concave by missing teeth
  • Eliminates the need for removable partial denture, bridge or crown

Am I a Candidate for Multiple Teeth Replacement using Implants?

During your initial consultation and evaluation, our experts will check if you have a healthy jawbone and disease-free gums to confirm if you are an ideal candidate for implants. Dental implants are suitable to people of all ages and can last you a lifetime, only by maintaining good oral hygiene.

To know more, Read our Dental Implants FAQ.

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