Preventive Orthodontics

Preventive orthodontics aims to correct crooked teeth and bad bites(malocclusion) from developing in a healthy mouth. When your dentist notices such an issue with your mouth at an early stage, preventive orthodontics can minimize the length of future treatments and can be less expensive than if a problem is left untreated.

Common preventive orthodontics are:

Early Extractions

When a primary tooth falls at the wrong time, the permanent teeth can grow in the wrong places as the primary tooth will not have been pushed out of its place. Early extractions can be used to remedy this problem, thereby allowing proper eruption and spacing of the growing permanent tooth.

Space Maintainers

When a milk tooth is prematurely lost, space maintainers are used to allow the permanent teeth to grow in their natural position.

Dental Headgear

Headgear is used to correct upper and lower molars to allow them to fit with one another. This also allows additional space for permanent teeth to align together. Headgear is generally supposed to be worn at night during sleep or inside the house.

Thumb Sucking

The habit of thumb sucking could cause the upper jaw or teeth to protrude forward and cause an overbite. Consult your San Bernardino dentist to know more about dental appliances that discourage this habit to prevent the need for orthodontic treatment in future.

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