Ridge Augmentation for Successful Dental Implants

In some cases, a dental implant cannot be installed if a patient does not have enough bone to support the implant. The bone that surrounds the root of a tooth is known as the alveolar ridge. When a tooth is missing or broken, it leaves an empty socket in the bone. This socket heals naturally. However, in some cases, the bone breaks and deteriorates with time. Before an implant is installed, the alveolar ridge needs to be repaired and rebuilt in order for it to be properly able to support the implant. This rebuilding procedure is known as ridge augmentation.

Ridge augmentation is performed after the extraction of a tooth to recreate the natural contour of your jawline and repair any damage to the bone. Dr. Afzali at Lifetime Dental of San Bernardino is highly trained in the procedure of ridge augmentation and has given successful Dental Implants to a large number if patients.

Ridge Augmentation Prior to Dental Implant Surgery

Ridge Augmentation helps in recreating the shape of the jaw and gums lost after extraction of a tooth. Patients need ridge augmentation after losing one or more teeth and also to prepare the mouth for future dental restorations. The treatment begins with a thorough evaluation by your San Bernardino Dental Implant Specialist to understand if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure. People who have deformities in the lower or upper jaw may not possess adequate bone structure for Implant placement. During the procedure of ridge augmentation, the gum is lifted and the defective ridge is exposed. The broken ridge is then rebuilt using a bone substitute. The best candidates for Ridge Augmentation are people who have good oral health and a strong commitment towards proper dental hygiene.

A ridge augmentation generally involves the following steps:

  • The treatment begins with exposing the defective ridge by lifting the gums and then placing substitute bone material in the tooth socket.
  • The gum tissue is placed back over the socket and sutures are put. Once the area has healed, the augmented ridge can be prepared for Implant placement.
  • Sometimes a space-maintaining product is put over the augmented ridge to restore the width and height of the space created by the missing tooth.
  • When the bone has completely healed and a strong foundation is ready, Dental Implants are placed with abutments.
  • The implant area is covered with a temporary crown, which is replaced with a permanent one once the implant site heals.
  • Results may vary from patient to patient. Complete ridge rebuilding may take around one year, from tooth extraction to final Dental Implant placement.

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