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At Lifetime Dental, we have experienced professionals who are trained in performing restoration procedures such as single tooth replacements using dental implants. When you visit our San Bernardino clinic for an implant dentistry appointment, we perform a comprehensive evaluation of your oral cavity and discuss the best possible options to restore your beauty and health.

Your natural teeth are attached to the jawbone with the tooth root. Dental implants impersonate the function of a tooth root by fusing with the jawbone, allowing your teeth to stay stable while you eat, drink and talk. The method of installing dental implants does not compromise on the health of the teeth adjacent to the installation site.

The procedure of replacing a Single Tooth using dental implant generally involves the following steps:

  • First, Dr.Afzali will conduct a comprehensive examination of your teeth and evaluate and discuss all treatment options with you.
  • Once it has been decided that you are an ideal candidate for implants, the dental implant will be installed at the site of the missing tooth and a temporary crown is placed to allow the area to heal and for the bone to fuse with the implants. Most people are able to return to their normal daily activities after this appointment.
  • The temporary crown is replaced with a custom permanent crown once the bone around the implant has healed.

Am I a Candidate for Single Tooth Replacement?

The installation of dental implants is preceded by a thorough evaluation of your teeth and mouth to understand if you are an ideal candidate for implant dentistry. Ideal candidates are generally those who have healthy bone around the implant site, maintain great oral hygiene and are free from gum disease. Dental implants are safe, long-term solutions suitable for people of all ages who have lost their teeth due to disease or trauma.

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