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Even though they may sound like a complicated thing, tooth extractions are simple procedure with minimal risk of any long-term complications. At Lifetime Dental, tooth extractions are performed by our expert oral surgeons, who take utmost care to make the procedure safe, comfortable and pain free for you.

Why is Tooth Extraction Needed?

Your dentist may recommend a tooth extraction for teeth that are severely decayed, impacted, malfunctioning, or hard to clean. Though the top priority is to save your tooth from being taken out, an extraction is recommended only in cases where there is no other option.


Prior to a tooth extraction procedure, your dentist will take an X-Ray of your teeth. One the day of the extraction, anesthesia will be administered to your tooth, gums and bone. We also have the option of sedation dentistry for patients who suffer from dental anxiety. During the extraction, you will only experience pressure, not pain, while the dentist removes the tooth from the socket using forceps.

In some cases, where multiple teeth need extraction, your dentist may recommend full sedation and the patient is given intravenous anesthesia to prevent pain in the entire body. Patients who are sedated fully will have no memory of the procedure.


Your dentist will give you post-operative care instructions after the surgery to take care of the extraction site for the next few days. This generally involves leaving gauze on the extraction site for few hours after surgery to minimize bleeding. You will also be asked to avoid very hot or hard foods for a few days.

Depending on the type of extraction, your dentist may prescribe pain-relieving medication. Your gums should heal in a matter of weeks if you keep the extraction site clean and follow the dentist’s care instructions.

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