White Teeth for Life: Only at Lifetime Dental of San Bernardino

At Lifetime Dental, it is our utmost priority to maintain the glory of our patients’ smiles and give them beauty that lasts a lifetime. With age and lifestyle habits, teeth stains and discolorations are difficult to avoid, and that is why we offer advanced teeth whitening technology to whiten patients’ teeth at our San Bernardino clinic.

Our whitening solutions are safe to use and do not cause any harm to your natural tooth structure. We have a special “White Teeth for Life” Loyalty Program for patients who need ongoing oral hygiene care and treatment at our clinic. This program is offered as reward maintenance to patients who opt of proper dental care and regular hygiene appointments. When you keep up with your oral appointments every six months, we offer you a complementary take home whitening kit post completion of your dental cleaning procedure.

To receive the free gift, consult our clinic about a dental care treatment plan suitable for your oral health.

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